“I‘ve been going to the adult classes at Oom Yung Doe (OYD) for a number of months now. While at first I was a bit skeptical, I quickly learned that the Oom Yung Doe on Lake City Way (LCW) provides top quality classes that challenge both mind and body. The instructors are fabulous – present, grounded and patient, they know their stuff and how to break down complex ideas and moves into steps that allow for success and growth.

Not only does OYD on LCW provide supportive and popular classes for kids; they offer fun and challenging courses for adults. Knowledgable instructors know well how to accommodate various skill levels and lead everyone to a feeling of success and improved strength and coordination.

Since starting adult classes, my stress level has gone down, I’ve gained better balance and have improved coordination. All that along with learning a variety of martial arts moves.

For adults looking for a supportive, non-judgmental environment to learn some martial arts, gain strength and coordination, while also exercising the brain,  OYD on LCW just might be your answer.”

Carolyn H.

“Since starting adult classes, my stress level has gone down, and I’ve gained better balance and coordination. All that while learning a variety of martial arts moves.”

I can not say enough positive things about Oom Yung Doe.  Our oldest daughter is very self motivated to attend.  It has never been an activity that we have to pressure her to do.  I have noticed increased confidence, self awareness, and respect towards her peers, instructors, and adults in general since joining.  I have noticed an improvement in fitness and balance that complements other sports very well.

One thing I have learned from observing my daughter’s progression in Oom Yung Doe is that not only is she less likely to be the victim of violence, but also the perpetrator of violence.  For me this was counter intuitive at first, but extremely important.  By training respect and awareness, along with the capability of defending yourself in a way that is fair to others, one is far less likely to actually have to resort to physical violence.  Given the heartbreaking and epidemic levels of violence in this country and abroad, this training could not be more important.  I honestly think it should be a required class in school.  I wish I had the time to enroll the entire family.

Thank you for all that you do!”

Conrad K.

On November 7th, 2014, I was in a roll over automobile accident. I was the passenger at the time. The vehicle hit the edge of an embankment and the front passenger tire caught causing it to roll at least 1.5 times before ending up upside down in a creek. I recall that the day was bright and then I was in complete dark. The injuries I sustained from that day were a traumatic brain injury from hitting my head on the passenger window as the car initially rolled. The other injuries were a left hip that went out of alignment, three vertebrae that the chiropractor had described as ‘rolling off’ and one that had pretty much ‘rolled off’. I had a few therapies but overall I was left on my own to recover. For 9 years prior to that accident I had trained and taught as a martial arts instructor. I learned in that time to hold solidly onto principle. The two I held closest in my mind were ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ And ‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight.’

One month after my accident, barely able to walk without help, do my laundry, speak, read, listen, I began my training again, within the tiny entry of my apartment. I slowly and painfully began to sculpt my body and my life. Since that time I have been diagnosed with Autism, OCD, and anxiety. However, regardless of that I had learned the power of staying on the principles of life. The will it takes to move forward when nothing seems to be falling into place and pain is constant.

Now 5 years later, the only consistent work that I have done for my multiple conditions has been my training in Oom Yung Doe martial arts. I have come to the powerful understanding that the trials I have been through are not insurmountable. That each day and each small step can bring me closer to my highest potential in this life. I want to teach that to as many others who are facing a life with challenges, I want to show everyone that success in life and love are for everyone who seeks it to be able to acquire it. And that though some paths to that maybe similar none are the same, all are valuable.”

Head Instructor MacKenzie Graham

I have come to the powerful understanding…that each day and each small step can bring me closer to my highest potential in this life.

“We would highly recommend OYD to anyone as a method of improving physical and mental health, self-defense and a way of staying fit for life.”

Due to a physical trauma at birth, our son had always lacked appropriate coordination, muscle growth and the ability to focus for any length of time. His doctor recommended that his next step was to join a martial arts program. My husband worked with an instructor at Seattle OYD who highly recommended the class, explaining how the approach at Seattle OYD was different from many other martial arts programs. Our son began attending classes three times a week. Coming into the class at age 12, he struggled to do a somersault and could not even do a proper push up. Though the classes started with simple moves and basic strength training, we would often hear grumbling due to how much it challenged him.  Over the next few months though, his body began to respond to the training and the complaining stopped. Our son voiced an understanding of the pay-off that was developing with each lesson. Now, after almost four years, his strength, focus and coordination have changed so much. At age 15 he is 6’2” and now has the muscle growth to stand with proper posture. He can now do at least 25 push ups and his balance has improved 100%. Finally, he has also learned ways to focus his mind. His ability to focus on his school work has increased dramatically as well as improved his skill as a drummer.  Our son is grateful for the opportunity Seattle OYD has given him to grow and mature, not just physically and in building focus skills, but in the confidence it has given him. He sees it as means for practicing fitness over a lifetime.

Our daughter was involved in gymnastics for over 7 years and greatly enjoyed the tumbling aspects as well as flipping on bars and the vault. We noticed her posture deteriorating and learned she had an injury that had gone unnoticed that was the result of this high impact sport. As she was being treated for the injury, it also became apparent that, though she was strong from her gymnastic workouts, she lacked cardiovascular strength as well as core strength. Because of the benefits we saw for our son at Seattle OYD, we decided to enroll our daughter in Seattle OYD.  She was sad to make the change, but willing to give OYD a try. And after her first class, she was sold. The classes push her physically but does not put the same strain on her body as gymnastics did. And as she attended more classes, she discovered how much tumbling she was able to do and she now enjoys attending Seattle OYD more than she did gymnastics. As our daughter develops in her training, we are seeing her core strength improve and her posture as well.

As parents, we would also like to give high praise for the instructors as well.  They have always been very approachable and have always given very helpful feedback to our children.  They are patient, yet firm in their expectations of performance and respect for themselves, other students and the sport itself.  They have also been very accommodating regarding class times and dates, and have made it very affordable for us to have more than one child enrolled.  We would highly recommend OYD to anyone as a method of improving physical and mental health, self-defense and a way of staying fit for life.  In addition, we would also strongly recommend Seattle OYD as a place to learn and train.

Tim & Dulci

When I was ten years old, I sparked an interest in martial arts. I started training at Oom Yung Doe about a year after. I was interested in it, and I enjoyed it, but most importantly I learned a lot of valuable lessons from it. Now, when I think back on it, I guess I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mom who pushed me into giving martial arts a try. But after the first lesson, I decided immediately that I wanted to sign up. One of the many valuable lessons I learned was to try, even when things are hard. People have always said that to me in the past, but martial arts helped me realize that you need to set your mind on trying if you truly want to succeed. If you are thinking “I can’t do this” then you won’t succeed, but if you set your mind on doing it then that will make it a whole lot easier to accomplish what it is you want. Basically, you have to try to try.

I also learned more about who I am. I learned that sometimes I focus so much on the task at hand, that I forget about what my body needs. I learned that lesson the hard way. I’m still not exactly sure about what all my strengths are, but knowing more about myself has helped me in many ways. I kept asking myself questions about myself and tried to find the answers by testing my limits and just thinking about it. If I never signed up at Oom Yung Doe, then I never would have bothered to figure out who I was, and what my strengths were and what I needed to work on. I just thought I already knew everything about myself. I love horses, I love to swim, I enjoy doing long rides on my bike, my favorite colors are yellow and green and I love hot chocolate. I realized though, that it goes way deeper than that. Those examples were only a simple understanding of things I enjoyed, not a deep feeling of knowing who I really am. I remember a particular occasion during the level three lesson where Head Instructor Mackenzie had us go through our Udo form nonstop for most of the lesson. It wasn’t easy, but I set my mind on completing it and tried my very best. It helped to know that everyone else in the room was trying their best as well and that we were all experiencing the same thing.”

My plan is to keep training as long as I possibly can. I think that martial arts can really change how you see the world.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for Oom Yung Doe, my amazing instructors, and the students that go to Oom Yung Doe. Deciding to try it was probably the best decision I have ever made. Martial arts helped me get my life back together and go through each problem that stood in the way with an open mind. Martial arts also helped me to try in school. I have never actually struggled academically, it was always social challenges, but the point is that I would have been worse at both of those things if I never started training. I still struggle socially and stuff, and I still haven’t worked out all the details of who I am just yet, but like my instructors always say, there is always room to improve. I remember as I was walking home one evening, Instructor Geoff had just said something really deep. Something about how a true understanding of yourself is very hard to achieve. I still remember what he said and I still think about it every so often. My plan is to keep training as long as I possibly can. I think that martial arts can really change how you see the world. I remember Head Instructor Mackenzie said that every situation in your life has tons of different ways of looking at it. I try to remember that, because that is another one of the many valuable lessons I have learned from Oom Yung Doe.

Greta K. (age 12)