8 Complete Martial Arts Taught As ONE

Tai Chi
Kung Fu
Bagwa Chung
Ai Ki Do / Hap Ki Do

Udo (Jui Jitsu)
Samurai (Kom Do)
Kong Su (Tai Kwon Do)
18 Weapons (Ship Pal Gae)

Adult Lessons

Students learn movements from all eight styles of martial arts, including short and long forms (sequences of movements), practical self defense techniques, and foundation techniques. Effective for all ages, body types and conditions.  No previous experience is required.

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Youth Lessons

Traditional martial arts lessons for students between 4-7 years of age are focused toward developing strength, coordination, and balance.

Juniors lessons for students between 8-11 years and 12-16 years of age are more complex and target the development of not just physical strength, flexibility, and coordination; but also mental discipline, determination, and focus.

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Women's Self-Defense

Beginning self-defense lessons are offered for adult women and teens.

Lessons are taught by experienced martial arts instructors, and they introduce basic self-defense against a variety of common attacks that women face.

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Want to change lives?

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An Uncommon Martial Art

Oom Yung Doe is not a common martial art or exercise practice. Like MMA, the training is not confined to one style, but it is not a sport. Students learn very effective self-defense, but this is rarely a student’s only reason for training. Oom Yung Doe develops every muscle group in the body for complete coordination, agility and speed. Mentally, students build focus, determination, patience and the ability to overcome any challenge.

Students interested in the training start with a 6 week preparation course. This course develops the strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and basic skills needed for further training. Typically it takes 2-5 years for a student to reach their black belt depending on their physical ability, mental focus and commitment level.

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Oom Yung Doe Seattle is unique because it provides martial arts instruction in an inclusive environment, with extra supports offered to ensure the success of neurodiverse and disabled students.

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